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Diagrammatically, the concept is depicted as follows:



In terms of the above diagram :


SMART OPPORTUNITIES (PTY) LTD is a qualifying enterprise development beneficiary (this requirement will always be evidenced via SMART’s own BBBEE certificate which has been verified by a SANAS accredited Verification Agency). 


  1. A Business Enterprise lends money to SMART for the purpose of assisting SME's who meet the qualifying definition of a BBBEE enterprise development beneficiary. The loan can be in the form of an ;
    • Interest free loan, or
    • Grant Funding, or
    • Product.  

  2. SMART identifies qualifying, low risk enterprise development beneficiaries and concludes a normal loan agreement. Interest rates, equity and security will all be evaluated on each situation after having assessed the risk. The envisaged initiatives that will be focused on are:
    • Assisting a black person in purchasing a stake in an existing business. (shares will be used as security).
    • Loans to expand an existing qualifying enterprise development beneficiaries business (equity will be part of the deal).
    • Purchase of a franchise by a qualifying enterprise development beneficiary (equity to be part of the structuring).
    • Establishment of a new business by a qualifying enterprise development beneficiary (equity to be part of the structuring).
    • Loan to fund mentoring or business development costs (interest and equity to be part of the structuring).

  3. All loans will be subject to some form of mentoring and business development support.

  4. The ED beneficiary will repay the loan according to normal business principles. The real advantage of this loan for enterprise development beneficiaries is that the loan is:
    • Accessed quicker, and
    • Security is done by either shares or in terms of assets being purchased with the loan, and
    • All loans will have an experienced mentor who will apply consistent "good business practice" principles.


    It is also our opinion that providing finance to the beneficiary via interest bearing loans will ensure that the business is sustainable and will not be continually dependent on grants. This form of development instills good business practice.

  1. Dean and Shenaz are perceived as the risk mitigating factor. Both Dean and Shenaz are both qualified Chartered Accountants and have had significant experience in developing and turning around businesses. Effectively, Dean and Shenaz will assist in mentoring and developing the business owners/entrepreneurs. Should the business experience possible liquidation or sustainability problems, we have the necessary resources and capabilities to take over control and rescue the business, should it be required.

All enterprise development loans made by SMART will be credited to the corporate sponsor who made the initial investment/loan. SMART will liaise with business newspapers, magazines and local newsletters to market the enterprise development initiatives of the various corporate sponsors.

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Our vision is to make a positive contribution to the establishment, development and sustainability of black entrepreneurs or black owned businesses.


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