Enterprise Development Beneficiaries

To date, SMART has provided R10 million to the following black entrepreneurs:


After having managed the a Milky Lane franchise for almost 15 years, Pat Masole wanted to own his own Ola Milky Lane franchise.
Read here to find out more as to how SMART assisted Pat.


David Manqele

David had been providing transport to Kaytech (refer to ED Client page) and had demonstrated his loyalty and dedication to assisting Kaytech with unplanned deliveries. However, one of David’s limitations was the fact that he only had a 4 ton truck which limited his load sizes. SMART agreed to loan David the necessary funds to purchase a 12 ton truck with a crane.
Should you require David’s assistance in transporting product for your business, contact David on 083 544 9350


Mandla Zulu

Mandla is well known to SMART and we have assisted him over the last 9 years to develop his business into what is today a very sustainable and growing business. Mandla owns a restaurant chain called MEAT JUNCTION.
SMART was requested by DEFY to identify a black owned business which they could supply product to. With DEFY’s generous donation of product in excess of R200,000 Mandla was able to refurbish both his Durban and Richards Bay restaurants.
Contact Mandla on 083 777 2078 for all your catering requirements


Selvan Govender

In a similar vain to that of David Manqele, Selvan was providing a transport solution to Custom Bulk Bags (a client of Smart).
Due to Selvan’s limited financial exposure, he was unable to obtain a credit rating sufficient to allow him finance to purchase a new vehicle that was suitable for Custom Bulk Bags additional transport requirements. Smart was approached as a possible solution. Based on the length of service and positive review from Custom Bulk Bags, SMART felt that this was a worthy cause to become involved in.


Ukuvula Investment Holdings

Ukuvula Investment Holdings is a black-owned investment holding company based in Port Elizabeth. Ukuvula has a diversified investment portfolio ranging from automotive components, textile technology, hospitality and leisure, construction to medical and healthcare products and services.

Read here to find out more as to how SMART assisted Ukuvula.


Bayview Construction

Bayview Construction CC is a black owned construction company that focuses on Low Cost Housing within the Port Elizabeth metropolitan.
Together with their JV partners (all of which are “black owned”), they have secured a number of contracts with either the local municipality or the Housing Development Agency. However, as these contracts provide no upfront payment “establishment costs”, SMART was approached to assist with providing the necessary working capital to ensure that these projects could be fulfilled timeously.


Pat Masole
Steers Franchise

Due to the success in running his Milky Lane franchise at King Shaka airport, Pat has been provided a further opportunity at the same airport; namely that of opening another franchise next to his existing franchise.
Pat has successfully negotiated the opportunity to establish a Steers franchise.
Due to the experience with dealing with SMART, Pat has again requested our assistance in providing the necessary financial support. As with the Milky Lane franchise, this support would not have been possible without the assistance of CHEP SA.


LIV Business

LIV’s main objective is to invest in businesses to provide for the sustainability of LIV villages and to create jobs. Effectively, LIV Business can be best described as a “Philanthropic Private Equity Fund” for the orphan and vulnerable children of South Africa.
Again, this investment would not be possible without the support of CHEP SA.
For further details, refer to www.liv-village.com


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Our vision is to make a positive contribution to the establishment, development and sustainability of black entrepreneurs or black owned businesses.


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