Why We Started

Enterprise Development is a key component in building a stronger South Africa. Around the world small businesses are a major component of the economy. In developed countries, small businesses contribute up to 60% to GDP. In South Africa this figure is only 35%. It is well known that a country with a strong small business sector has the following characteristics:

  • Strong democracy
  • Low unemployment
  • Low crime statistics

These are the characteristics that we want within our own country.


Historically, all enterprise development initiatives have been funded by government or foreign aid. These programmes are well meaning but are not tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. There is a need for assistance from organisations that know and understand entrepreneurs.


Regrettably Enterprise Developed is viewed as:

  • Being “forced” through the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice
  • Very expensive
  • A foreign concept
  • A time consuming and complicated process to identify suitable Enterprise Development beneficiaries.

The result is that very little activity is taking place in this pillar of the BEE scorecard. This is why SMART was created.


Our Approach

We have spent numerous years studying the solutions for increasing the success rate of SME’s.
Our experience has reinforced key principles that we focus on:

  • Training - entrepreneurship is not taught within the school environment and our experience has highlighted that entrepreneurs are not adequately prepared for entrepreneurship. We believe in the philosophy that entrepreneurs are not born, it is a taught skill.

  • Money alone is not the solution - there are many examples of where entrepreneurs have received adequate funding yet the business failed. 

  • Mentorship -this is a science that is not well understood by most organisations, yet it is the key to success for all small businesses.

Smart Shareholders

The shareholders have been selected for their ability to make a difference to SMART, the funders and the enterprise development beneficiaries. The current shareholders are as follows:


Black women owned shareholding (26%)

    • Shenaz Jhavary
      • Shenaz is a Chartered Accountant and has been involved in assisting young black entrepreneurs for the last four years. Shenaz has a detailed working knowledge of BBBEE and has worked within this sector for a number of years


Enterprise Development and Turnaround Strategist (48%)

    • Currently this portfolio is fulfilled by Dean Harding. Dean is a Chartered Accountant and has successfully started numerous businesses.
      • Dean has extensive experience in turning around struggling businesses. Together with Shenaz, they will be responsible for “fixing” any enterprise development business that is in distress.
      • Dean will also be responsible for identifying potential enterprise development beneficiaries


Legal Services (26%)

    • Cool Blue Trading (Pty) Ltd
      • Cool Blue Trading consists of 5 attorneys and will be represented on the board of directors by Johan de Jager; a qualified attorney, notary and conveyance
      • Cool Blue will be responsible for all the legal requirements of SMART; i.e. loan agreements with both the funders and enterprise development beneficiaries
      • Cool Blue will also be responsible for implementing any legal action on any defaulte
Our Clients
Our Beneficiaries

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a positive contribution to the establishment, development and sustainability of black entrepreneurs or black owned businesses.


Get in Touch

Key Contacts
Dean Harding
Email: Dean@SmartED.co.za
Cell: 083 288 8058
Fax: 086 692 0644

Shenaz Jhavary
Email: Shenaz@SmartED.co.za
Cell: 083 459 7866
Fax: 086 692 0644